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Man At Center Of 14 Year Old’s Brutal Assault Speaks Out


A 22-year-old soldier who is the former partner of Tandeka Simms expressed condemnation for the brutal beating inflicted upon her 14-year-old daughter.  According to him, the assault on the child is related to his decision to help a young woman from Havannah Heights.  This young woman allegedly had a baby and ran away. He found her while on an operation and took her back to her home. Afterward, he provided intermittent assistance with her child, he said.

Troubles Ignite Over Alleged Cheating

The soldier refutes allegations of infidelity, believed to be the catalyst for the assault. However, the child’s mother, Tandeka Simms, remains unresponsive to his attempts at communication, focusing solely on securing justice for her daughter.

Perpetrators in Custody, Soldier’s Perspective

Three female minors and three women are in custody related to the December 30 assault. The soldier, requesting anonymity, accuses them of being troublemakers who have complicated his life since he assisted a distressed resident in the Havannah Heights community.

Confrontation and Distress

Confronting the accused, the soldier discovered conflicting narratives. The subsequent emergence of a video contradicted their version, revealing a starkly different reality. The soldier expresses deep distress over the attack on his partner’s child, lamenting his blocked attempts to support both of them.

Mother’s Anguish and Focus on Recovery

Tandeka Simms, emotionally devastated by the graphic videos circulating on social media, remains resolute in her pursuit of justice. Her primary concern is her daughter’s physical and psychological well-being, as the traumatic experience has also affected her 10-year-old sibling.

Perceived Lack of Remorse and Determination for Justice

Simms expresses anger at the apparent lack of remorse from the assailants, particularly disturbed by their cavalier attitude on social media.  She disputes false claims that her child was involved in a romantic dispute, emphasizing her commitment to ensuring the perpetrators face the consequences through legal channels.

Key Questions

  1. What is Ms. Simms age in relation to the 22-year-old soldier?
  2. How long have they been in a relationship?
  3. Did the relationship pre-date the rescue of the runaway?
  4. Why did he blur the lines between his official duty (rescuing someone on an operation) and personal life (providing intermittent financial support to them)?
  5. What is the drama?  How did helping someone devolve into his partners being harassed by a group of people?
  6. How did the 14-year-old get triangulated into being physically assaulted?

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