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Prekeh Gang’s Delano Wilmott Dead


The police are confirming that Delano Wilmott, who goes by the aliases “Lano” and “Prekeh Bwoy”, one of the most wanted men in St James, was fatally shot early this morning (July 22, 2020) in a confrontation with security forces in Amity, Cambridge, in the parish.

According to police reports, an M16 rifle with a magazine containing several rounds of ammunition was seized. The scene is currently being processed.

Wilmot, who is of Mother Lane, Retrieve in Cambridge address, was wanted for the 2016 murder of Mark Williams.

According to the police, Wilmot was a key player in the notorious Ratty Gang and was involved in the shooting of two members of the Jamaica Defence Force in St James in 2017.

The Ratty Gang was led by Ryan Peterkin, who was cut down in a shootout with members of the security forces.

Before that, Wilmot reportedly severed ties with the Ratty Gang and formed his own Prekeh Gang, which has been said to be responsible for numerous crimes, including murders, in Cambridge and surrounding areas.

The police Corporate Communications Unit has not released the name of the dead man and said the scene is currently being processed, as it awaits a formal identification.

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