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JLP Activist Paul Henry’s Widow, Children & Mom Still In A State Of Confusion


KEMISHA Coleman Henry stayed up waiting for Paul Henry, the father of her three children to return home when gunshots disrupted the quiet night, signaling the unthinkable.

Speaking with the Jamaica Observer on Thursday, Coleman Henry, 27, struggled to find words to describe the last moments before Paul Henry, her husband of three years and partner for nine, was killed outside their home in Rocky Settlement, Clarendon, last Monday August 17th, 2020.

“I just can’t come to terms with the fact that them kill him. Them kill Paul and leave three babies on me,” Coleman Henry said in distress.

The woman recounted that her partner of over nine years had come home that night around 9:30 pm, before leaving again to go put up posters and flags around the community in preparation for Nomination Day the following Tuesday.

“I was sitting on the bed waiting on him, and the children were up with me waiting on him because they cannot sleep without their father in the house. As much as I am their mother, me and them don’t bond like how them bond with them father.

“The babies are feeling it right now, especially the second one. Everywhere Paul going, he goes with him. Every minute him a ask, ‘Why dem kill mi father? Mi love mi father, who mi a guh talk to now?’” the bereaved widow said.

The couple had two boys, one five-years-old, the other just 11 months old, and their eight-year-old daughter. Henry, 35, was the sole provider for his family.

He was also a polling division worker for Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Clarendon South Eastern candidate Pearnel Charles Jr.

The Observer last week, reported the police as having ruled out political rivalry as the motive behind Henry’s killing. It was suggested by police that Henry’s death might have been in connection to a dispute he had with some fisherfolk in the community.

Checks with the Corporate Communications Unit of the Jamaica Constabulary Force revealed that investigations were ongoing and a clear motive has still not been established.

However, Henry’s widow and, his mother, 69-year old Almanda Bent, are vehement that their loved one was not involved in any dispute or wrongdoing that could have led to his murder.

“I don’t want to rule out anything. I want it to be thoroughly investigated,” Henry’s grieving mother said. “He was a good son. The two of us are always together, especially when it comes to politics. He was the captain for the PD [polling division] and I am the supervisor,” she added.

“Paul never have to do anything illegal to get anything because we are all behind him. Him have six sisters and one brother. I have 10 children, two of them dead, leave eight, and now Paul dead leave seven.”

Bent, a dressmaker by trade, said she has not been able to work since her son’s murder.

“I feel numb and dead inside. I do dressmaking and I have a lot of uniform to sew, but I can’t even work right now because I don’t have the strength to do it,” the elderly woman lamented.

Coleman Henry insisted further that the police could not have ruled out any motive for her husband’s killing since up to Friday she had not given a statement to them about the incident.

“I don’t know what the police are saying because I don’t even talk to them yet. Tuesday and Wednesday I was still in shock, I couldn’t really talk to anybody.

“The police should rule nothing out. They must walk and talk with everybody. The only thing that Paul was involved in was politics. That is Paul’s sports and everybody knew him as a captain. I couldn’t rule out anything to say it’s not politics,” Coleman Henry stated.

She went on: “When Paul died the night, he went to put up posters for the MP and when Paul was coming in the yard them kill him. By the next morning after them kill Paul, them take down every poster that Paul put up.”

Left now as an unemployed single mother, Coleman Henry was despondent about her prospects of finding a job while also having to care of an 11-month-old baby.

“I used to work as a cashier but because of having the baby I stopped. Right now it’s my family I’m depending on,” the woman said, speaking highly of Henry, describing him as “an amazing father”.

“I don’t want anybody to put out anything bad about Paul. He was an amazing father and a great husband. Paul will get up before me to make breakfast for his kids before he goes anywhere. Him bathe them and everything.”

“The whole family is in shock because of the type of person Paul was. Everybody is in shock and crying,” she added. “I want justice for him and the police must try every means to make sure justice come out of it. Anything they can do to find out who kill Paul,” Coleman Henry pleaded.

The family has been contacted by the Victims Services Division of the Ministry of Justice which will be providing grief counseling.

JLP candidate Charles Jr denounced acts of violence against party supporters and workers in a news release on Friday.

“I am extremely concerned about the escalation of violence and intimidation against JLP supporters in the constituency, in particular, the Rocky Point Division, within the past few days,” Charles Jr said.

“On the night before Nomination Day, Monday, August 17, our polling division captain, Paul Henry, was shot and killed by assailants shortly after installing JLP billboards in Rocky Settlement. Just over 48 hours later, another JLP worker was viciously attacked in his home some minutes after 3:00 am on the 20th of August 2020. Reports are that his door was forced open, he was attacked and suffered severe injuries. He is now admitted to the hospital and has undergone surgery.

“In view of this escalation of violence against our supporters within the constituency, and information suggesting that these acts are politically motivated, it is imperative that a full and thorough investigation be carried out. Again, we denounce all acts of violence and reiterate our intention to do everything to maintain peace in South East Clarendon.

“We call on others to do the same as well as to observe the code of conduct governing this election,” Charles Jr stated.

Getaway Car Used In JN Whitehouse Westmoreland Robbery Found


Investigators probing yesterday’s $3.2-million robbery by armed men at the Jamaica National in Whitehouse Westmoreland say the getaway car was recovered just over two hours after the robbery in the Darliston area of the parish.

“We recovered the vehicle — a white Toyota Fielder motor car — in the New Works community in the Darliston area, about 2:00 pm,” commander for the Westmoreland Police Division Superintendent Robert Gordon told the Jamaica Observer last night.

Police reported that about 11:40 am yesterday armed men, posing as customers, entered the bank, injured and relieved the armed security guard on duty of his firearm, then demanded money from tellers, one of whom sought refuge under a desk, while the armed men stuffed their bags with money.

The robbers later escaped with the cash in a route taxi that had been allegedly left unattended by the owner.

Jamaica National, in a release following the incident, said the guard was being treated but said none of the four staff members and customers at the location were injured.

The bank said it is aware that it is operating in a heightened criminal environment and as such will further strengthen security at the location, which it said was closed while the police and its security partner, Guardsman, conduct investigations.

“Our employees, who remained calm during the incident, are to be commended for their action during the ordeal, are now receiving counseling services. JN Bank’s main priority continues to be the safety and security of its employees, members, customers, and their assets,” said a Jamaica National release.

CMU Student Paid As Close-Protection Officer For Ruel Reid


A marine student from the Caribbean Maritime University (CMU) was among those assigned to provide close-protection services for then education minister Ruel Reid, even though the student had no special training in security.

The CMU student, normally dressed in full white and opening doors for the now-resigned minister, as well as saluting him, among other rituals, was recruited to offer “support to the minister” under a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the education ministry and the university.

Close-protection officers were paid from a low of $30,000 to a high of $330,000 for their services. The director of school safety was also paid several instalments for security services, airfare, and payments for “travelling”, a special audit had revealed.

Dr Grace McLean, acting permanent secretary (PS), on Tuesday walked back information she initially provided to the auditor general that the former permanent secretary, Dean-Roy Bernard, approved payments for close-protection officers and logistics support to Reid.

“As it relates to the close-protection officer, I indicated to the auditor general that these arrangements would usually be approved by the permanent secretary. When I mentioned that statement, I genuinely meant that that is so, and I knew that the documentation was somewhere to be provided.”

“I am learning now that the arrangement was not approved,” said McLean.

However, she told the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament that she had an MOU dated January 10, 2018, which asked for support to the CMU for security and logistics services which was approved by the PS on January 11, 2018.

His note to me was “kindly develop MOU which would reflect these arrangements,” McLean said.

“I have the MOU signed by the PS and Fritz Pinnock authorising the support for the security and logistics services.”

McLean said that she utilised these documents to make the necessary arrangements. “So I would not have acted without approval from the permanent secretary as it relates to any arrangements.”

However, Bernard countered by saying that the arrangements that were put in place for additional security services to be provided by the CMU did not have his approval.

He described as “strange” security arrangements for a Cabinet minister being dealt with by an educational institution.

“This is a very odd situation,” PAC Chairman Mark Golding interjected.

“I could not have approved any such arrangement,” insisted Bernard.

Having served in a senior position in the Jamaica Constabulary Force for 12 years, Bernard said that close-protection services were provided by the force and were specially trained for the task.

Bernard said he had a discussion with an officer assigned to the ministry but the arrangement was for a meeting to be held with the head of the CPS branch.

“To indicate that a permanent secretary would have put his stamp of approval on this really downgrades my status in the public service,” he said.

Peter Bunting, committee member and former minister of national security, described the arrangement between the CMU and the minister as “very peculiar”.

Off-duty officers also provided close-protection services for Reid on weekends.

Bunting said that this particular arrangement with off-duty officers for weekend assignments might be in breach of the JCF’s policies. He said this should be reported to the Police Service Commission.

In her special audit of the CMU, Monroe Ellis reported that the university made payments totaling $2 million for close-protection services. The university’s records did not indicate the basis for these payments. The auditor general was later advised that the payments were for the provision of services to Reid on weekends.

JN Whitehouse Westmoreland Robbed


Jamaica National (JN) Bank has released photos capturing the suspects from the robbery at its Whitehouse Westmoreland JN Bank Moneyshop this morning.

During the robbery, which occurred at 11:40 this morning, gunmen stole $3.2 million before escaping in a stolen taxicab.

A security guard was injured and his weapon stolen during the robbery.

The police and security officials are still investigating.

Owen Irving Charged in Tamara Geddes Murder


The police have charged a fifth person in connection to the murder of Tamara Geddes in Reserve district, Trelawny on Friday, June 19.

Tamara, 36, was killed in her home in the presence of her 10-year-old daughter.

Four others were charged earlier this month in connection with the murder – Tamara’s sister Nadeen, her two nieces, and Tashana Young.

The police said the fifth individual has been identified as 55-year-old farmer Owen Irving of Hampton district and Salt Spring in St James.

Irving was taken into police custody in Westmoreland on Wednesday, July 15.

In a statement given to the police, Irving allegedly disclosed that he collected $250,000 to hire a hitman to kill Tamara.

He has been charged with murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

Prekeh Gang’s Delano Wilmott Dead


The police are confirming that Delano Wilmott, who goes by the aliases “Lano” and “Prekeh Bwoy”, one of the most wanted men in St James, was fatally shot early this morning (July 22, 2020) in a confrontation with security forces in Amity, Cambridge, in the parish.

According to police reports, an M16 rifle with a magazine containing several rounds of ammunition was seized. The scene is currently being processed.

Wilmot, who is of Mother Lane, Retrieve in Cambridge address, was wanted for the 2016 murder of Mark Williams.

According to the police, Wilmot was a key player in the notorious Ratty Gang and was involved in the shooting of two members of the Jamaica Defence Force in St James in 2017.

The Ratty Gang was led by Ryan Peterkin, who was cut down in a shootout with members of the security forces.

Before that, Wilmot reportedly severed ties with the Ratty Gang and formed his own Prekeh Gang, which has been said to be responsible for numerous crimes, including murders, in Cambridge and surrounding areas.

The police Corporate Communications Unit has not released the name of the dead man and said the scene is currently being processed, as it awaits a formal identification.

Second Wife Of Everton McDonald Murdered


Detectives are now combing sections of Sherwood Forest in Eastern Portland for clues following the discovery of a body, believed to be that of the wife of prominent businessman Everton ‘Beachy Stout ‘ McDonald.

According to police sources, the body of Tonia McDonald, was discovered shortly after 9:00 pm Monday, July 20th with her throat slashed and her body partially burnt in a vehicle in a secluded area at Sherwood Forest.

Firefighters, who were summoned to the scene, managed to carry out cooling down operations and the body was found inside the vehicle.

So far the police theorize that the woman may have been abducted, murdered and her body set ablaze by unknown assailant(s).

The Port Antonio Criminal Investigative Branch (CIB) are investigating.

This is the second wife of the businessman to be killed.

In May 2009, his first wife Merlene McDonald was shot dead outside her home at Boundbrook Avenue in the parish.

Interestingly enough, Everton ‘Beachy Stout ‘ McDonald is the father of Andre Mcdonald who is currently awaiting trial in TX, United States in the murder of his wife Andrene Mcdonald.  It is unclear if the deceased Mrs. Merlene McDonald was the mother of Andre Mcdonald.

Andreen Nicole McDonald never showed up to work on Friday, March 1, 2019. She also did not return to her residence on the north side of Bexar County.

The next day, her husband Andre McDonald who was serving as a major in the U.S. Air Force was listed as a person of interest in the case. He was taken into custody due to a “possible mental issue,” the sheriff’s office said.

Just days after her disappearance on March 3,  Andre McDonald was arrested and charged with evidence tampering. A search warrant executed at the McDonalds’ home and found a shovel, an ax, work gloves, and gasoline that had been recently purchased.

Sheriff’s deputies also observed human blood on the light switch and floor of the master bathroom. Andreen’s personal belongings – such as her purse, ID, and keys – were left behind at the home.

The arrest affidavit asserts that a friend of Andreen’s told investigators that Andreen told her on multiple occasions that if anything happened to her, it would be because Andre killed her.

On July 11, a man searching for cow bones stumbled upon human remains that were later determined to be the remains of Andreen McDonald via dental records.

Derron Salmon Charged In Hilreth Stephenson’s Murder


The police have charged 52-year-old Derron Salmon, an electrician, and farmer of Brompton Lane, St. Elizabeth in relation to the stabbing death of a domestic helper in Brampton district, following an incident on Thursday, July 16.

The deceased is 49-year-old Hilreth Stephenson of Top Hill district also in the parish.

Reports are that about 8:20 am, Salmon, went to a house where Stephenson was working and an argument developed between the two. During the argument, Salmon is reported to have used a knife to stab Stephenson several times before fleeing the scene.

She later died at the hospital.

The charge of murder was laid on Monday, July 20, after Salmon was questioned in the presence of his attorney.

A date for his appearance in court is being finalized.

Two To Face JDF Court For Missing M16s


Two members of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) are to face disciplinary charges over the disappearance of two M16 rifles.

Chief of Defence Staff, Lieutenant General Rocky Meade, said the weapons have still not been found.

He was speaking at a Jamaica House briefing yesterday morning as states of emergency were announced in the Kingston Central and Kingston Western police divisions.

There was a lockdown of Up Park Camp, the JDF’s headquarters, for several hours on February 15 to recover the weapons after an anomaly was identified in the armoury.

“We have advanced our investigation to the point where we have two persons that will be facing our internal disciplinary procedures shortly,” Meade said, disclosing that the help of the police has been sought to trace the weapons.

The chief of defence staff did not give details on charges laid on the military personnel or reveal their identities.

“I wouldn’t be able to go into details, obviously, because it is a judicial-type system that we also have internally,” he said.

The JDF had said that it would review its weapons protocol after Corporal Doran McKenzie, who worked in the armoury, allegedly removed a weapon illegally that was later used to kill his girlfriend, Suianne Easy, at their Greater Portmore, St Catherine, home in January.

The soldier then killed himself.

Botched Gun Deal Triggers All-Out War


A soured gun deal that left two men dead is at the centre of a war that has been played out, mostly in broad daylight, on the streets of the capital city, law-enforcement sources have revealed.

The Holness administration moved on Sunday to stem the bloodletting by so-called “super gangs” by imposing a state of emergency (SOE) across the Kingston Central Police Division, home to some of the warring gangsters, and Kingston Western.

The latest flare-up in Kingston Central was sparked by the brutal slaying of Lorenzo Campbell, 28, and Oraine Baker, 35, in the east Kingston community of Dunkirk, according to law-enforcement sources.

The police have confirmed the killings, but had no details.

However, The Gleaner understands that Baker, also known as ‘Ranger’, accompanied Campbell, also known as ‘Dadda’, to purchase guns for a gang based in downtown Kingston. They were reportedly robbed of the cash, tied up, and shot repeatedly around 10:30 a.m. on May 26.

The retaliation was swift, police sources said.

Just before 6 p.m. the same day, Jermaine Brooks, 33, was reportedly shot and killed by Campbell’s cronies along East Queen Street, metres from the Central Police Station, which serves as the headquarters for Kingston Central.

A 39-year-old bus conductor was injured in the shooting.

Since then, rival gangsters, aided by their affiliates, have reportedly unleashed a wave of brazen daylight reprisals that have left three others dead and at least 13 people nursing gunshot injuries.

Just before 5 p.m. on May 27, according to a police report, unknown assailants pounced on Shane Foster, 26 metres from his home on Rum Lane, also in downtown Kingston, and shot him to death.

The following day, a total of five people were shot and injured in two incidents. The first occurred just after 2 p.m. near the Pearnel Charles Arcade and involved two men, aged 28 and 42. The second occurred two hours later, metres from the SOE checkpoint in Rockfort, east Kingston.

A still-unidentified woman, said to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, was shot and killed in Dunkirk on May 30 after gunmen opened fire on a group of persons at a barber shop. Three persons, including an 11-year-old boy, were injured in the 4:55 p.m. attack.

Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson, who, along with army chief, Lieutenant General Rocky Meade, recommended the imposition of the SOE, acknowledged that the high level of violence in both divisions was “at a scale and nature that greatly endanger public safety”.

Jamaica has recorded close to 600 murders since the start of the year, a marginal increase when compared with the corresponding period last year.

But amid an overall 14 per cent decline in major crimes nationally since the start of the year, the Kingston West and Kingston Central police have recorded an uptick in violent crimes since January 1, Anderson disclosed.

There are 32 active gangs in the Kingston Central division, while half of the 48 gangs spread across Kingston Western are actively engaged in violent conflicts, he told journalists during a Jamaica House press conference Sunday.

“Seventy-four per cent of murders in these divisions are attributed to gang activities,” the police chief said.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness, in seeking to justify the use of emergency powers, said that there were signs that the gangs operating in the two police divisions were not confining themselves to “traditional geographical boundaries within communities, location, operation and affiliation”.

“This presents the possibility of super gangs emerging through collaboration,” he warned.

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